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Christian Pulisic can’t wait to play alongside Eden Hazard

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On the day of his presentation as the new Chelsea FC transfer, Christian Pulisic opened up about the possibility of playing alongside Eden Hazard.

Although the rumors point to Eden Hazard most likely leaving Chelsea next summer, Christian Pulisic still harbors some hope of playing with him.

The American forward who just arrived from Borussia Dortmund to play with the Blues has been presented this Tuesday.

The English club was able to sign him just before UEFA issued a statement about the transfer ban that prevents them from signing any players for the next two transfer windows.

This ban un the only reason that the Premier League club could actually prevent Eden Hazard from leaving the club to play at Real Madrid.

However, there is still no official confirmation about what is going to happen.

All the press knows is that Eden Hazard is crazy to leave the Blues, which could prevent him from playing alongside new teammate Christian Pulisic.

The United States international made a name for himself in the German Bundesliga, where he scored 10 Bundesliga goals in 81 appearances between 2016 and 2019.

This player actually made the Kopa Award’s second place in 2018, just behind Kylian Mbappe.

Christian’s talent took him to become the most expensive American player in football history, this was after Chelsea decided to pay €64 million for his transfer from Borussia Dortmund.

On the day of his official presentation with his new club, Pulisic spoke about his possible pairing with Eden Hazard and his price-tag as an American footballer.

“It is incredible to see what Eden can do,” he said on BBC Sport.

“He is a guy to look up to and what I would love to become.”

“It is definitely a goal. Any player would be dumb not to want to be in the same team as him.”

“I don’t want to be looked at as someone who is the youngest to do this or that.”

“I just want to be an established player and someone people respect, who is successful in this league.”

“It is completely new to me and something not a lot of American players have experienced. It is a blessing to be in this position, so I can inspire American kids, to show them we can do it too.”

“It also shows how much the sport is growing in the USA.”

“Major League Soccer is getting much bigger and whilst other sports are not going away, soccer is growing a lot and we have a lot of great prospects in the US.”

“We are a confident group of guys at Chelsea,” he said.

“Liverpool and City are two great teams who had great seasons but I have seen Chelsea compete against big teams and do well against them this season.”

“We want to go in with a winning mentality and compete with them right away.”

Eden Hazard could still remain at Chelsea.

After hearing what Christian Pulisic had to say about Hazard and the future at Chelsea, there is a major possibility of the Blues actually keeping Eden.

The Belgian international might not be able to leave this summer if the transfer ban remains, as his exit would seriously harm the club given how important he’s been for them over the last 7 years.

Eden is about to play the Europa League final for Chelsea against Arsenal, he is expected to be one of the most important players of this crucial match.

Christian Pulisic will most likely be part of the expedition that travels to Baku for this final against the Gunners, where he will experience Eden Hazard’s abilities first-hand.

It is also possible that Pulisic actually takes Eden Hazard’s number ’10’ jersey if the star ultimately decides to leave the club.

However, everybody at the Blues are expecting the club to deny Hazard his exit to Real Madrid during this transfer ban.

Things between the player and the institution could get really nasty if he decides to present a transfer request to the FA.

Pulisic could end up without the chance to play alongside one of his idols.

Do you think Eden Hazard and Christian Pulisic would get along inside the pitch if they played together? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.