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Christie confesses being emotional after Celtic cup win

Ryan Christie
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Celtic midfielder Ryan Christie has revealed he was emotional after the club’s Scottish League Cup victory against Aberdeen.

Christie, who spent 18 months on loan with Aberdeen, had his parents in the stadium watching as he scored the only goal as Celtic beat Aberdeen 1-0 on Sunday.

“It was amazing for my mum and dad to come down and see me,” he said, according to Daily Mail.

“When the final whistle went, I looked up and managed to catch eyes with them.

“I got a bit emotional myself when that happened because it has been a long road.”

“I’ll be honest, it was pretty overwhelming for me.”

“It was always going to be a strange day, in any case, coming up against Aberdeen and it shows that football can work in funny ways sometimes.”

“Seeing them brought that overwhelming feeling of happiness and I was delighted for them to be able to see that.”

“I wouldn’t say I had given up on it, but there was a lot of talk in the summer and I didn’t really know where my future was,” Christie said about his future at the time following his loan spell at Aberdeen.

“But the manager has been so amazing for me ever since I signed for Celtic.”

“He sat me down and told me I still had a fighting chance at Celtic, so it was up to me to take that chance.”

“From there it’s been about working hard and making sure that I took the chance when it came along.”

“I need to kick on and try and make a proper impact.”