Coady says Wolves will continue making history

Wolverhampton Wanderers defeated Manchester United 2-1 in the FA Cup Quarterfinal, which pushes them just two games away of lifting the title.

Raul Jimenez and Diogo Jota scored for Wolverhampton Wanderers to lead their team to a 2-1 win over Manchester United in the FA Cup Quarterfinals.

For the Red Devils, Marcus Rashford scored too, but it was too late, as he scored at the end of the match.

The win was welcomed by the Wolves, who believe they can continue to make history, as they are now two wins away from lifting a title.

“(I told the boys to) make history, make sure this team doesn’t go unnoticed,” Conor Coady told his teammates before the whistle according to the Shropshire Star.

“(I said) players come and go, we’ll come and go, more players will come in – but make sure people remember this team.”

“It’s the best game of my career. For the boys to perform like that, at this football club, we knew what the crowd was going to be like, we felt the atmosphere all week and we’d been exactly the same; excited for the game and looking forward to it,” he explained.

“We knew what the fans were going to bring, we knew they were going to push us and push us.”

Coady wants to impress Wolves’ fans in Asia

The Wolverhampton Wanderers hope they can gain momentum ahead of their UEFA Europa League qualifying match next week.

“For us to play like that for 90 minutes is just absolutely brilliant,” he concluded.

Wolverhampton Wanderers will visit Watford on April 7th for a chance to earn their ticket to the Final at Wembley Stadium.

Meanwhile, Manchester City will take on Brighton and Hove Albion, two possible rivals for the Wolves at the Final.


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