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Coady wants to impress Wolves’ fans in Asia

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The Wolverhampton Wanderers hope they can gain momentum ahead of their UEFA Europa League qualifying match next week.

Wolverhampton Wanderers will take part of the biennial tournament known as the Asia Trophy.

They will play against Newcastle United in Nanjing, China, just eight days before they face the first leg of the UEFA Europa League qualifying match.

And for the Wolves’ captain Cono Coady this is an excellent chance to show off.

“It’s amazing because we don’t often come to places like this,” Coady was quoted by the English Premier League official website.

“We’ve got to remember where we were three years ago in the Championship, we weren’t getting these opportunities, so to be here now and see the number of people who come out and look at what Wolves are doing is fantastic.”

“It’s about the football, it’s as simple as that,” he added.

“We’ve got a massive game which we’re really looking forward to.”

The captain explained: “We want to enjoy China, experience everything about it, but we’re here for football and that will never change.”

“You’ve got to work as hard as you possibly can in the heat to get yourself as fit as possible because a week Thursday we have a huge game and we’re starting earlier than everybody else so we’ve got to make sure we’re doing it properly.”