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Cocaine stamped with Ronaldo’s CR7 logo seized in £3.2m operation

Cocaine, Cristiano Ronaldo
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Some truly shocking images have emerged showing packs of seized cocaine with Cristiano Ronaldo’s logo on them.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous CR7 logo was stamped on packets of smuggled cocaine worth around £3.2 million.

The Border Force officers at the Channel Tunnel terminal in Coquelles, France, raided a lorry on Monday. They found 40 kilos of class A drugs branded with Ronaldo’s CR7 logo inside the HGV’s trailer, along with bottle tops and paper rolls.

The British National Crime Agency later arrested and charged the lorry’s driver, Vladimir Mrdak, for drug smuggling offenses.

The 37-year-old Serbian appeared in court on Tuesday and will remain in custody until his next court date on August 16.

“This haul of cocaine would have fuelled violence and intimidation had it reached the UK,” read a statement from NCA branch commander Martin Grace.

“The seizure is a big setback for the criminal network likely to be behind this attempted importation – profits which they will not be able to invest in other criminality.

“Working alongside our law enforcement partners like Border Force, we are determined to disrupt the organized crime groups involved in drug supply and protect the public.”

©National Crime Agency

CR7 logo was also used in a New York drug bust

For Ronaldo, it’s not the first time his logo has been associated with crime.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents in the United States raided an apartment in New York in April and discovered around 50 kilos of cocaine stamped ‘CR7’, $10,000 in the building, and $200,000 hidden in a suitcase.

The two drug traffickers, Christopher Jones and Wykim Williams, were arrested at the time.

Incidentally, Ronaldo has just opened a new hotel in New York called the ‘Pestana CR7 Times Square’.

It’s alleged drug traffickers use certain markings, like CR7 for instance, to reveal which gang produced the drugs.