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Cole: Emery proved Wenger was not to blame at Arsenal

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Now that the Gunners are starting to struggle again in the second half of the season, Andy Cole thinks Wenger wasn’t all to blame at Arsenal.

The current Arsenal season is beginning to look strikingly similar to the previous seasons in which Arsene Wenger coached the squad, this pattern has made Andy Cole think that Unai Emery has proven that the French manager didn’t deserve all the blame for the squad’s problems.

A full season for one of the biggest clubs in the world is always difficult, they usually have to play four competitions throughout the season and only the clubs that are well-prepared for the challenge are the ones that make it to the final stages at a competitive level.

The problem with many squads if that their board of directors is usually not that keen on spending the major pounds to bring reinforcements by the time half a season has passed, this is exactly the problem that Arsenal has gone through for the last decade and the main reason why so many Gunners’ supporters kept booing the club on a weekly basis.

Things got really heated up with Arsene Wenger during the final three years, mainly because the fans believed that the French manager didn’t push the owner hard enough to give in to his demands.

But the exact same pattern is emerging now with Emery, as the Spaniard is asking for a couple of new players for the winter transfer window and management doesn’t look too happy with the requests.

The season started very similar to previous seasons that Wenger managed as well, as the Gunners started to make everyone believe they were competitive enough to fight for the titles and then they suddenly had a dramatic level drop because many players started either getting injured or simply running “out of gas”.

Just this Thursday there was a statement in which French former player Emmanuel Petit came out on Wenger’s defense, saying that nothing has really changed under Unai Emery and suggesting that the legendary manager didn’t deserve getting sacked.

A similar treatment came from former striker Andy Cole, who never played for the French manager but did start his career for the Gunners before having the best years of his career at Manchester United during the Wenger vs Ferguson era.

Cole spoke to Sky Sports as a pundit, he described the problem perfectly and also came out in Arsene Wenger’s defense.

Leaving clear that the man is a true gentleman of the sport, as he thinks Wenger wasn’t treated fairly and left the rivalry out the door when he decided to talk about this controversial topic.

The defense was directed straight to all those Arsenal fans who always demanded Wenger’s head, people who are looking pretty dumb now that the exact same thing is happening with the Gunners.

“From the outside looking in, I’m saying to myself now that all the Arsenal fans at the back end of last season were saying ‘Wenger, he’s got to go, got to go’,” Cole said on Sky Sports via Express.

“Now looking at it, can you really say now it was all down to Wenger, if you can only bring in loans now? Where’s all the money gone?”

“Being football people, you’ve got to look at it logically. Once one manager goes, of course you’re going to leave players there on big contracts or players might be running down contracts, or whatever.”

“But you’ve got to make a decision. You know that the January transfer window opens in January. “You can’t come out and say ‘we can only get loanees’.”

“We’re not talking about a Championship team here, we’re talking about one of the biggest teams in the world. “They’ve got money for the summer but not in January.”

“What if you’re pushing to try and win the league? You’re supposed to be pushing to try and get a Champions League spot for next season. There’s no money, how are you going to get there?” he concluded.

Do you agree with Cole or was it already Wenger’s time to leave Arsenal? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.