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Coleman jumps to the defence of former player Bale

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Chris Coleman who was Gareth Bale’s manager in the Welsh national team has jumped to the defence of his former superstar.

Bale was one of Coleman’s stand out players, as he led Wales to Euro 2016 qualification and consequently the semi-finals.

In an interview reported by the Daily Mail, the former Wales boss thinks the criticism aimed at Bale is unfair and inaccurate.

Since his big-money move from Tottenham to Madrid, Bale has either been stand out or irrelevant. When he has stood out, they ask why doesn’t he do this all the time, when he is irrelevant his credentials are questioned.

It is almost a no-win situation for the player. A lot of this it is said is due to his failure to adapt to Spanish Culture.

Coleman spoke of Bales character, he said:

“I saw John Toshack saying Gareth hasn’t given enough of himself to the public in Madrid.”

“Well, he’s never done that. It’s not his character. When he comes home he plays golf, stays with his family, in his little circle.”

‘I just thought it was unfair when people were picking him apart.”

“He should do this, do that. No, be yourself. If he’s not happy in his head he won’t be right on the pitch.”

There have been rumours of an unwillingness to learn the language, Coleman was quick to dismiss that too.

He added:

“I’ve been with Gareth in Madrid, in a restaurant, and he’s speaking perfect Spanish, ordering food, greeting people.”

“He was very polite, but it’s his own space. He has done all his talking on the pitch. He is the most decorated foreign import from the UK.”

The likes of Bale’s infamous golfing picture, taken while his teammates were playing in a preseason tournament have not helped his situation either.

But Bale himself is adamant his pays no attention or reads any of the criticism, his focus is doing well on the pitch.