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Collymore, full of praise for Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool
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The former footballer believes the Liverpool manager is ruthless which is what helped him become Europe’s champion.

Stan Collymore played in ten different teams during his career, including Aston Villa, Leicester City, and Liverpool.

And he knows why the Reds became UEFA Champions League kings: thanks to ruthless manager Jurgen Klopp.

“A lot gets made of the smiles and laughs, the soundbites and occasional profanities when it comes to Jurgen Klopp,” he wrote on The Mirror.

“It’s all part of the Liverpool manager’s charm and goodness knows it’s why so many people love him.”

He explained: “But I’ve been around Klopp enough over the years to know that beneath that grin there’s a very ruthless man, someone who knows what he wants and exactly how to get it.”

“He did a lot of television punditry while he was still a relatively low-level operator in football management, so he worked out long before he was a Champions League-winning manager, even a Bundesliga-winning manager, how to engage with the masses.”

“And he has honed those skills to get everybody at Liverpool, from John W Henry and FSG, to the players, the staff and supporters, wrapped around his little finger,” he said.

“Klopp is a very, very hard man and after leading them to Champions League glory against Tottenham on Saturday he owns Liverpool Football Club lock, stock, and barrel.”

The former player continued: “No mean feat given he lost a League Cup, Europa League, and Champions League final before finally landing the last one at the second time of asking.”

“I know Liverpool only finished a point behind Manchester City this season but a year ago they came up short big time in the race for the Premier League title.”

“And a manager without Klopp’s personality would have been underway more pressure,” he concluded.