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Colombia just spanked the US with and unreal James

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With a stellar performance by James Rodriguez, the Colombia National Team just traveled to Tampa and gave the United States a master class.

In a day filled with international matches all around the world, the Colombia National Team traveled to Tampa Bay and delivered an impressive performance against the United States Men’s National Team.

The South American squad still doesn’t have a proper manager after Jose Perkerman left his job, but they sure still have their golden generation which delivered a brand new spectacular performance with James Rodriguez again as the top player in the squad.

The Bayern München star keeps proving to be a very different player in his national team compared to what we see on his club, there is a massive difference and this may be the fault of the managers who can’t seem to understand how to use him.

James plays a lot better if he is free to roam up front as he pleases, keeping him confined to a specific spot on the field is the biggest mistake that managers like Zinedine Zidane and Niko Kovac have made during their time with the Colombian player.

Rodriguez gave an impressive performance against the United States, in which he was a constant danger for the defense and he never surrendered his style of play during the whole match.


There were at least five shots that James Rodriguez attempted, but the one he did get to score expresses his skills to bend the ball like no other can do it.

The Bayern München player had practically no angle to take the shot, and when he did it we could see a beautiful curled ball that got in the top corner for Colombia’s first goal of the evening.

That shot can be shown on replay for hours and it just keeps getting better every time, the US responded a couple of times with efforts from Acosta and Wood after halftime.

These two goals only angered the Colombia National Team, they unleashed all their fury during the final half hour of the match and proved that they are still one of the most competitive squads in the world today.

All they need right now is a competent manager who can make them play as they did today, but against the most competitive squads in the world.

Surely their Copa America showing from next summer will be very interesting, if injuries respect their best players throughout the tournament.


Before the 60th minute of the match, Santiago Arias set Carlos Bacca up for Colombia’s equalizer, which gave a little more excitement to an already entertaining match in Tampa.

But we needed a smoke sign from the other two great attacking players that Colombia have, Juan Fernando Quintero got together with Radamel Falcao and created the third goal of the evening for their squad.

But the best was saved for last and James Rodriguez was right in the middle of it. The Bayern München playmaker set up Borja with an elevated pass that the Palmeiras striker decided to connect with a half overhead kick effort, the shot was a bit weak but well-placed.

Colombia ended up getting a comfortable 4-2 away victory in the United States, which is very good for their confidence.

The man of the match can be no other than James himself, the number ’10’ gifted everyone with one of the best goals we have seen throughout 2018.

He struck the ball with all his talent, and sent Niko Kovac a message while doing it. Rodriguez needs more minutes at Bayern, especially now that the Germans are not exactly going through their best moment in all competitions.

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