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Commisso stands firm on Juventus tirade

Federico Chiesa, Fiorentina
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Fiorentina lost 0-3 to Juventus in Februray and the defeat was taken to heart by La Viola President Rocco Commisso. 

Rocco Commisso still cant get over the six-month-old fixture. The Italian went on a rampage after Fiorentina’s defeat and questioned the treatment of his players by the referees. 

Commisso stated that the Old Lady get preferential treatment from match officials and believes it holds true to this date. 

Moreover, he explained his rationale was to standup for his players, who were on the wrong end of the stick.

 “On Juventus-Fiorentina, I would definitely make those statements again, perhaps without screaming,” Commisso was quoted by Football Italia.

“What prompted me to say those things was seeing how sad the lads in the dressing room were.”

“I wanted to defend them. I frowned, but too many times our players were beaten. I want to reiterate, however, that everyone must receive the same treatment from the referees, and this has not been the case this season.”

Rocco recently shared that he will listen to offers for Federico Chiesa. However, the tactful American Italian billionaire has yet to divulge in Fiorentina’s transfer plans. 

“I will make public recommendations soon, so everyone can read them.”

The result in question was significant as it allowed Juventus to take lead in the race for the Serie A title. With Juventus ending the season a point ahead of Inter Milan, Commisso’s statement probably holds some light.