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Comparing every Ronaldo throughout football history

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Let’s play a game and analyze all the football players who bare the name of Ronaldo, we’ll talk about their specific set of skills and try to compare them.

Given that the name of this website is Ronaldo and Luis Figo just confirmed that he prefers the Brazilian over his compatriot, we have decided to play a little game and analyze each of the Ronaldos and make a feeble attempt to decide which one is the better player overall.

We know that it’s really difficult to actually make a comparison but we will make our best attempt to not mess this up.

For this small list, we are going to start with the one who appeared first and then try to go chronologically from there.

We will analyze their playing style, their biggest talents, their particular characteristics and how they have impacted football in general.

Needless to say, we are truly convinced that the name Ronaldo is really football’s most blessed name and there is no way that a single one of these three amazing players will come out on top of the other.

Each of the Ronaldos has an incredible story behind him and we do not think one is actually better than the other, maybe you do but we simply can’t pick one out of the three because all of them are legendary in their own right.

Are you ready for this? Let’s go!


Ronaldo Nazario, the original

The one who started this beautiful trend isn’t even named Ronaldo, his real name is Luiz Nazario da Lima and he was known as Ronaldo throughout his whole professional career.

Out of all three players, he is the one who is considered as the best center-forward in football history who came very close to becoming the best ever if it hadn’t been for those dreaded knee problems that he suffered throughout his whole career.

At the very start of his professional life with Cruzeiro in Brazil, young Ronaldo was already considered to become one of the best players in the world and he was the rightful heir of historic Brazilian players like Romario and even Pele himself.

This player was the one who jump-started the trend of the Super Striker once again after other all-time greats like Pele, Gerd Müller, and Eusebio wrote their particular stories in past decades.

To the people who have a soft spot for nostalgia in football, the original Ronaldo will forever be the best and he will always be considered amongst the top players of all time.

Only his knees prevented him to be even greater than he already was, the only player who scored a goal in the Spanish El Clasico and the Milan Derby wearing all four jerseys in different time periods.

Ronaldinho, football’s widest smile

A contemporary of Ronaldo Nazario but slightly younger, this one was named Ronaldo from birth and also proved that he had everything to become the best player in football history but his decisions took him to simply not reach the expectations everybody formed around his incredible skills.

A different type of footballer in every way compared to his compatriot, Ronaldinho is the epitome of what a playmaker must be and many even consider him the greatest footballer to ever step on a pitch despite only lasting at the highest level for a small number of years.

This man was pure magic, pure fantasy and maybe that’s the reason it didn’t last long, his creativity even made Diego Maradona himself kiss his hand in admiration during one of the many times they have met.

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira’s only wish was to win the Ballon d’Or because of the promise he made to his late father who was also a footballer before his untimely death, the Brazilian didn’t feel the need to continue his rise to turning into one of the best players in history and let himself loose once he reached the very top.

But talent-wise, nobody can debate the unique skill this man had.


Cristiano Ronaldo, the perfect football player

The last of the Ronaldos who graced us with his presence, for many the best player who ever lived and certainly for him despite what other people say about his contemporary rival.

Cristiano reunites all the qualities that make a perfect footballer, the man has it all and he has enjoyed the most prolific career out of all three players who bare the same name.

But the biggest credit that Cristiano gets apart from his unmatched talent to play football, is his capacity to endure one of the most unbelievable sports rivalries the world has ever seen and sit on the same table that other players like Messi, Pele, and Maradona have always seated.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the one who managed to take this blessed name to heights that nobody believed it was possible to take any further.

Him alone during his long career, has won more individual trophies than the other two Ronaldos combined and he the only trophy he lacked was a World Cup that the other two Brazilians did win during their also illustrious careers.

When we started with this silly but fun game, we did warn you that comparing all the Ronaldos who ever lived in elite football would be difficult.

Which if all three Ronaldos do you prefer out of these three legends? Please leave your civilized opinion in the comment section down below.