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Comparing Kylian Mbappé to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

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We do a comparison of French young star Kylian Mbappé with the likes of both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo when they were 19 years old. The similarities are astounding.

Now that the World Cup in Russia has ended with a young Kylian Mbappé as the champion with France at the tender age of 19, drawing comparisons with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is pretty much inevitable. But in order to properly analyze all three players and come up with a decent explanation, we have to look closely at their careers when they were 19 years of age and at the achievements they had at the same time that Kylian Mbappé conquered the World Cup title with France. Needless to say, the young PSG striker has already won the trophy that has eluded both legendary players throughout their careers and he will develop the rest of his tenure as a professional player without that pressure on his shoulders. Ronaldo may have won the European Championship with Portugal a couple years back, but winning the World Cup is a whole different ball game that both him and Messi have failed to achieve in their illustrious careers for their national teams in the last 15 years.

Cristiano Ronaldo

By the time Cristiano Ronaldo was 19 years of age, the Portuguese player was still struggling to redefine his attacking position at Manchester United and he was learning from the mistakes that any kid his age usually makes. Despite not being mature enough to deliver his best results for the Red Devils, Cristiano Ronaldo was one of his national team’s leaders in the 2004 European Championship that was played in Portugal. In that summer tournament, the youngster gave us all a glimpse of what was in store for him as he reached the final that his side lost against an ultra-defensive Greece national team. On that same year before playing for Portugal in the summer, Ronaldo scored the first of three Manchester United goals in the FA Cup final against Millwall that gave the youngster his first ever trophy with the Red Devils. Granted, the future star was barely starting to show us the player he would become but he already was decisive for both his club and country at such a young age.

Lionel Messi

There are many things we can say about Lionel Messi’s incredible season when he was only 19 years of age, we could easily say that this was the year in which the whole world knew the legend he would become in the future. The year was 2007 and the Argentine was leading FC Barcelona to a season in which Real Madrid dominated the domestic competition, but the youngster was able to leave a long-lasting impression nonetheless. It was 10 March 2007 when the 19-year old scored his first ever hat-trick at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in a thrilling 3-3 La Liga draw between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. But the best part of that year for Leo a month after that, when he scored the best goal of his career against Getafe in a Copa del Rey match that everyone will remember because of the similarities between his and Diego Maradona’s World Cup goal against England back in 1986. It’s clear that when Ronaldo and Messi were 19, both of them were already monsters of the game and were already amongst the best players in the world.

Kylian Mbappé

Whatever we can say about the French forward goes beyond words when we take a look at what he has done so far for his clubs and country, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the amazing career that awaits this player and we should expect some of the best football we have yet to enjoy from him. Winning the World Cup as a teenager is a feat that very few players in the World have achieved throughout their careers, but Brazilian legend Pele is the only one who comes to mind for a comparison to Kylian. Both of them achieved glory in a World Cup as kids, both of them scored twice in a single World Cup match, and both of them scored in the final before lifting the trophy that turned them into the youngest champions that the biggest stage in world football has ever seen. We still cannot compare Mbappé’s short-lived career to Messi and Ronaldo yet, but we can do the next best thing and hope we are in front of greatness at an early stage.

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