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Confirmed: Conmebol bans Messi with a single match

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After the scene he causes after the Copa America match vs Chile, Lionel Messi only received a single match ban by Conmebol.

Everybody was expecting Conmebol’s sanction against Lionel Messi to be a lot more strict than it actually was, they only gave him a one-match ban.

The South American Football Confederation was expected to act swiftly against Lionel Messi’s controversial corruption accusations.

The Argentine flat out said that the previous Copa America was arranged for Brazil to win it, Conmebol immediately responded to Messi by stating they would take proper measures against him.

Further reports about the whole situation suggested that Conmebol would actually impose a two-year ban on the Argentine, but a recent document they released reveals that they decided to only fine the player with $1.500 US dollars.

A written statement from the Conmebol Disciplinary Committee was released to the media outlets, this is the final resolution about this whole Messi drama.

“The Disciplinary Committee’s only judge resolves first that a One-match automatic suspension imposed to player LIONEL ANDRES MESSI is confirmed, a further additional suspension match was not agreed upon.”

“This sanction will have to take place according to the 74.2 b Article of the Disciplinary Rulebook from CONMBEOL.”


“This as a procedure that follows Article 12.6 of the Disciplinary Rulebook from CONMEBOL.”

“The payment of this fine will be automatically taken from his own Football Federation as a concept of awards or participation in the tournament where he played.”

“Third, NOTIFY and set the document on record. There is no further decision to act upon this resolution after the fact.”

What’s next for Messi in Argentina?

The truth is that Lionel Messi was only waiting for this resolution from Conmebol, he truly expected to get a greater punishment for what he said against them.

However, this “soft” measure taken against him can be interpreted in two different ways.

Either AFA needed to speak directly with the federation in order to avoid any further punishment for their star, or Conmebol accepts the accusations the player made against them.

In other cases that involve players of a less popular profile, the sanction tends to be more harmful to the player’s future in the national team.

Messi will only miss Argentina’s next World Cup Qualifier in South America, the fine he will have to pay won’t even come from his own pocket and he really got away with the serious accusations he made.

This resolution leaves Messi with a new opportunity to prove that he really is a new man for his national team, he can finally be part of a more serious project.

Manager Lionel Scaloni proved that he is capable of putting together a competitive squad that sometimes can even compete without their captain.

However, Messi is still the most important player for this squad. We can expect him to feature in every single match ahead of the World Cup Qualifiers after he meets the sanction he received from Conmebol.

This is fantastic news for both Messi and AFA, they really dodged a bullet with this decision.

If the Committee’s ruling had been more extensive, Conmebol would’ve suspended him for a long time.

Leo can now go back to Barcelona without a single worry in the world, knowing that his words don’t have any effect regardless of how controversial they are.

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