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Confirmed: Matthijs de Ligt is a new Juventus player

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According to several reports from various sources, Matthijs de Ligt has completed his move to Juventus and will sign his contract tomorrow.

It appears that Cristiano Ronaldo’s lobbying worked on Matthijs de Ligt, the Dutch player finally reached an agreement with Juventus on Monday.

The Italian giants have been trying to close this deal for a while now, they consider this kid as one of the most important defenders in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo himself acted as an intermediary after the UEFA Nations League final, his convincing had a massive effect on the young player.

Now that the deal is almost closed and practically confirmed, we can expect Juventus to be a title contender in the Champions League this season.

The Old Lady completely stole De Ligt from a deal he made with FC Barcelona earlier in 2019, they managed to convince this player through a higher salary.

The Catalan club made the terrible mistake of underestimating the player due to his age, but Juventus didn’t seem to care that they are signing a teenager for that much money. The final numbers in this deal will drop a lot of people’s jaws.

Sky Sports Italy reports that Matthijs de Ligt is expected to arrive in the country on Tuesday, he will sign his contract and go through the medical exams that new arrivals always make when they sign for a new club.

Overmars confirmed it earlier.

The final confirmation about this transfer came earlier on Monday from Marc Overmars, who is AFC Ajax’s director of football.

The former player spoke to Voetbal International about several transfers, he dropped the hint that De Ligt’s transfer was nearly done with an Italian club.

The man also denied that the pursue they are making for Edson Alvarez has anything to do with De Ligt’s exit, they have been after the Mexican player for some time now.

But the biggest news out of this confirmation is De Ligt, who is a new player for Juventus.

“The end of the transfer of De Ligt is near,” Overmars told Voetbal International.

“We’re awaiting bank guarantees because we are very strict with this at Ajax. Hopefully, things will progress, but I think there will be no further obstructions. They are Italians.”

“Edson Alvarez’s transfer is not depending on the development of De Ligt’s transfer,” Overmars added.

“Edson is a player we think is good, so he might come to us. He is a good age, 21, and plays on a regular basis in the national team of Mexico and we know him very well because we scouted him over a longer period.”

“He has progressed very well, and he can play in many positions.”

More details in De Ligt’s transfer.

Given that FC Barcelona refused to pay the player what he requested in his wage, the Old Lady had a less difficult time convincing him.

The Italian giants paid €75 million with bonuses included, they will also pay De Ligt a staggering €12 million per year after tax.

This turns Matthijs into the highest paid teenager in the world, he also drew some doubts about his future after missing the team’s trip to Austria for the pre-season.

Everything is confirmed now, Juventus have one of the best defenders in the world and they are coming for everything next season.

Cristiano Ronaldo must be very happy about this new arrival right now, he was the one who pushed the player towards Juventus.

There is no doubt that we are going to see a world-class defender evolve into a better version of himself over the next few years.

We can safely say that the Old Lady is locked and loaded for a new season, they could maybe sign another player up front to accompany Ronaldo but they don’t really need one.

De Ligt was the missing link they required in order to truly be considered the biggest title contenders in the Champions League.

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