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Confirmed: Mauro Icardi won’t continue playing at Inter

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As Inter goes into the pre-season at full speed, manager Antonio Conte confirmed that Mauro Icardi won’t be part of the club and is on the market.

In what could be one of the biggest transfer news of the day, Mauro Icardi has been completely dismissed from Inter by manager Antonio Conte.

The Italian coach decided to take on the challenge of coaching the Nerazzurri before the start of the summer, he had several problems to fix.

The biggest issue of them all was Mauro Icardi’s continuity at the club, the Argentine striker has ongoing problems with the club due to his wife’s involvement.

Wanda Icardi is Mauro’s agent and she is doing a terrible job at it, she is asking too much money for his husband’s wage and this completely angered the Inter board of directors.

Mauro agrees with his wife’s methods because he hasn’t participated too much in the whole situation.

This problem left Inter with no choice but to drop the player and decide to look for different options in the transfer market.

Manager Antonio Conte has a clear candidate to replace Icardi, which is Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku.

The Manchester United player’s agent has been negotiating with Inter for a few weeks now, they are very close to an agreement but nothing is official yet.

Mino Raiola has another open front with Inter over Lukaku, which will bring him yet another major payday.

It is clear that Conte like the Belgium international and he wasn’t allowed to keep Icardi.

When asked about the whole situation, Conte decided to speak about Lukaku first. Then he proceeded to speak about both Icardi and Nainggolan’s exclusion from the squad.

“You know I like Lukaku, but he’s a Manchester United player,” Conte said at a Press conference via Football Italia.

“I got to know him very well from my time as Chelsea Coach. I consider him an important player for us, but at the same time there’s the market.”

“We know very well what our situation is at the moment and we’ll see what happens. but for now Lukaku is a United player.”

“Tomorrow we have an important match, but at this level it’s difficult to consider it a friendly and it will be the same for them too.”

“Our preseason is going well, I hope to see improvements from my team. The situation with Icardi is clear, like it is with the club. He isn’t part of the Inter project.”

“The club were also clear about Nainggolan too. He’s also out of our project.”

“It’s not easy to play against teams like Manchester United and Juventus without strikers at the start of the season, but the market is still open and we’re assessing players to buy and sell. Against Manchester United, I’ll play without strikers.”

“It’s difficult to predict the market: we need to streamline the squad and put together a group of players. The club and I have the same vision. I’m confident, even though I expected us to be further ahead.”

Inter’s busy schedule over the next two weeks.

Antonio Conte has a lot of work to do in order to put together the best possible team for the new season, he needs to get them sharp in order to face Juventus.

With that in mind and knowing Icardi won’t play with them anymore, Inter will play a total of five friendlies before the start of the season.

As part of the Asian tour, Inter will play against Manchester United in Singapore on Saturday.

They will also play against Juventus in Nanjing, and they will close the tour with a match against PSG in Macau before returning to Europe.

There will be two more games left to play for them before the start of the season, one will be at Tottenham Hotspur’s brand new stadium in North London against the Spurs.

And last but not least, Inter will travel to Mestalla in order to face Valencia. While this whole tour is happening, Mauro Icardi will need to find himself a proper destination.

Calciomercato recently revealed that Wanda Icardi spoke to Antonio Conte in order to let him know that the rumors of her meeting with Juventus officials were false.

However, we all know how Wanda Icardi operates and how much she has hurt her husband’s career.

Finding a new club will be very difficult for Mauro with his wife calling the shots, he needs to take control of his own career and let a more experienced agent handle his business.

Where will Mauro Icardi end up now that he is officially a free agent? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.