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Confirmed: Messi and Di Maria will return to Argentina

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According to a report from Diario Ole, both Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria will be the only players from the last World Cup who will return to Argentina.

After so much speculation from several sources around the world, a definitive report from Diario Ole confirms that Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria will be the only players from the old guard who will return to Argentina.

Manager Lionel Scaloni has been keeping the conversation flowing with the FC Barcelona star about his possible return, he already knew that Leo made this decision when the press last asked him about the possibility but either he nor president Claudio Tapia have the green light to make the news official.

However, a report from Diario Ole is making the information official because they have inside sources that are very close to the player who confirms he finally made his decision.

The much-expected return needed to take some time because Leo wasn’t even sure if coming back would be a good idea, Scaloni decided to not pressure him and just keep doing his job with the new generation of players who will accompany Messi on the upcoming Copa America that will take place in Brazil next summer.

The FC Barcelona star agreed with his family that the best option for him after losing another World Cup was to take a long break, they believed there was no use in getting Messi tired doing trips for all the friendly matches they played after the World Cup.

The second time the player met with AFA was during the Copa Libertadores final between Boca Juniors and River Plate at the Santiago Bernabeu, the Barcelona star attended the match and even met with Claudio Tapia after the match in order to discuss his possible return.

Right after having a meeting with the forward, Tapia was questioned by the press and he was only smiling throughout the whole time without revealing anything but Ole confirms that the decision to return was made since then.

After that, Messi has been talking with Scaloni non-stop and he even exchanged a few conversations with Cesar Luis Menotti in order to fully convince him that the best option for everybody is for him to make his triumphant return.

The main idea is for Messi to come back on the first March friendly match against Venezuela that is scheduled to take place in the city of Madrid, an easy trip for Messi that wouldn’t take much effort from him and a perfect opportunity for the new generation to finally get to play alongside one of the best players in the world.

Lionel is reportedly very excited for this new opportunity, he is highly motivated to play the next Copa America in Brazil.

Out of all the players from the “old guard” who played the last three major tournaments for Argentina, manager Lionel Scaloni has decided that there will be only two players who will accompany all the people from the new generation.

One of them is Messi like we mentioned, the other one is none other than Angel Di Maria.

The PSG star has repeatedly stated that he would be honored to keep representing his country for as long as they have him, Angel is arguably one of the players who is still performing at the highest level and who still plays in on of the best clubs in the world with regular appearances for Paris Saint-Germain.

None of the other players have made a single comment about wishing their return to the National Team, most of them believe that their time has passed and they think the younger players also deserve their chance to prove themselves with the Argentina squad.

It should be interesting to watch Messi and Di Maria spending time with all the new players, especially with the likes of Paul Dybala or Mauro Icardi, who are supposed to accompany those two on the attack from now on.

Looks like it’s time to dust off Messi’s number ’10’ and finally make its highly anticipated return.

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