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Confirmed: Messi is getting a new Barcelona contract offer

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Right in the middle of another mesmerizing season from Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s president revealed he’s getting a new contract offer.

Lionel Messi is having yet another incredible season at FC Barcelona, this has been more than enough for the club’s board of directors to start making the correct moves in order to close the star’s ninth contract extension of his career at the Catalan club.

Lionel Messi is a player who might end up retiring at FC Barcelona as other legends such as Paolo Maldini, Carles Puyol, or Francesco Totti did during their career.

Club president Josep Maria Bartomeu, is certainly happy to confirm that Barcelona’s intention is to close the player’s new contract before the end of 2019 and extend it for two more years.

Currently, Leo Messi is the highest-paid player in the world with a contract that pays him €50 million-per-season after tax and will continue to do so until the year 2021.

But the club’s president spoke to ESPN just a few hours ago to reveal that the club wants Leo to continue as a Barcelona player until 2023, which means that he will be nearly 35 years old by that time.

The club has no doubt that despite his advanced age by that time, Leo will continue to perform at the highest level well past that age due to how well he takes care of himself.

“We want him to have a really long career so we can keep on enjoying him,” Bartomeu told ESPN.

“Lionel’s managed to break down borders. Everyone admires him and he’s applauded at other stadiums by rival fans.”

“We would like to renew his contract, that’s the idea. He is young – you can see that [in his performances] – and he still has two years on his deal. He’s always improving, always innovating.”

“I believe he still has many years in front of him and in the coming months we will sit down with him so that he has many more years at Barcelona.”

“Messi is a one-club man. It’s more than what he does on the pitch – his relationship with Barca will last forever. I use the example of Pele, who was always at Santos. We want Messi to always be at Barca, whether that’s playing or linked to the club [when he’s retired].”

“Messi changed completely the sense of Barca,” the president added.

“In the way of keeping our club on top [in terms of] results, [winning the] top competitions and trying to win every season. Messi knows his body well and the day he believes he can’t add [what he wants], he will leave.”

“We have to prepare for the future. Leo Messi is our leader, he’s the best player in the world of football, he’s playing with us, he’s playing fantastically, but we know it won’t be forever.”

“Maybe in three, four or five years, Leo Messi will say: ‘OK, I am going to stop playing football.’ So we are preparing our club for the future, for the time post-Leo. Because we would like to still be the top club at that time. So, it’s a way of working, of investing, also of taking risks.”

Despite there still hasn’t been a direct approach between the player and the club to discuss this matter, Messi has repeatedly stated that he will continue to be a Barcelona player if the club is happy with him and he wouldn’t mind hanging up his boots at the Catalan club if the opportunity presents itself that way.

It’s pretty evident that the board of directors will continue to “milk their cow” until it can no longer produce the same results and they will do everything in their power to keep taking the best care out of their legend.

Bartomeu is already planning to sign players who can help replace Messi in the future, but the club already knows that there won’t be another player like the Argentine in the club’s history and they are already starting to cope with that idea despite all the talk about an imminent retirement.

We are obviously dreading that day in which either he or Cristiano Ronaldo retire, we know that the whole world of football will mourn those days because these two have gifted us with football’s golden era.


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