Conor Gallagher, the future of Chelsea

Development squad manager Joe Edwards talked about how the youngster was the best academy player and what he would mean for the future of the team.

Chelsea development squad manager Joe Edwards wants to tell the world about Conor Gallagher.

The youngster is part of the team’s youth system, and he was the best player of the 2018-2019 season.

“Conor did pretty much all his work last season with the Under-18s so this was his first season with the development squad and it couldn’t have started any worse for him actually,” Edwards told the club’s official website.

“He was away with England in the summer and they came across a heart condition that required minor surgery to correct. It goes without saying that such an issue is not common and would be a massive thing for a young player to try to come to terms with.”

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He explained: “It cost Conor his whole pre-season but he bounced back in the way you’d expect because his mentality is solid and he’s just a fighter.”

“It’s that desire and energy that have been so important for us because we’ve had to fight a lot this season, particularly in the UEFA Youth League knockout stages, and he’s been our catalyst.”

“He’s a good player technically but that heart and physical capability to keep pushing himself have set him apart,” he continued.

“Luke McCormick would have pushed him really close if he’d not been robbed of so many minutes through frustrating injuries because he gave so much to us as a leader and a goalscoring midfielder, but Conor was the standout performer.”

“People talk about talent a lot and how sometimes that isn’t enough when you’re trying to step into the men’s game, but being effective is important and that’s definitely a word I’d use to describe Conor for us this season,” he concluded.


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