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Conte is already complaining about his teams schedule

antonio conte, inter milan
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Antonio Conte is already complaining about his Inter Milan sides schedule only ten games into the new season.

Inter went top of the table yesterday after beating Brescia in a hard-fought and intense 1-2 victory.

Conte however, feels that his sides reign as table-toppers will be short-lived.

He feels that the number of games his side is being asked to play in the time frame set out makes it impossible for them to maintain the level they are at.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia after the Tuesday night game, he is happy with his team but feels it is only a matter of time before the struggle begins.

He said:

“We’re top of the table, but pushing the engine to the max and it can’t go much longer.”

His players will continue to give their all but are in need of a rest.

He added:

“It becomes difficult to talk about the game because the same players are out there constantly.”

“They struggled to an extraordinary degree.”

“It was our fourth game in nine days, with the same players.”

“Any situation or result is acceptable at that point.”

“All we can do is thank them for the spirit they showed to hang in until the end.”

Conte feels his side is getting dealt a bad hand by the powers that be, as his competitor’s schedule is easier in his opinion.

He continued:

“We’ll have seven games in 20 days before we get to rest.”

“It’s an anomaly and I haven’t seen any other side with a fixture list like that, so it seemed very strange to me.”

The former Juventus and Chelsea boss has reached a point where the style of play has taken a back seat for the time being.

He concluded:

“Some games you need to win just by suffering.”

“You have to soak up the pressure, hang in there and I challenge anyone to play four games in nine days while getting a victory at Brescia.”

“I’ll take it. I thanked the lads.”

An injury crisis has not helped Conte’s situation.

However, club director Beppe Marotta has assured his manager that if he needs to sign reinforcements in the January transfer window funds will be available.