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Conte is in it to win and his players either keep up or get out

antonio conte, inter milan
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Antonio Conte thinks only about winning and works hard to do so, so if his players can’t stand the pace there is no place for them in his team.

The Inter Milan boss by his own admission is aware that certain players can’t keep up with the pace of his demands.

Conte leads by example and expects his players to match the work ethic and desire to win that he shows.

The Italian tactician is focused on winning and in turn making history.

Those that are not up to that level of commitment to the team might as well pack up and leave.

In an interview reported by Football Italia, he lays down the law as he sees it.

He said:

“I must be the first to set a good example and give not 100 percent but 110%.”

“Once you start transmitting this daily, it’s obvious that you also raise the bar for those who work with you, your players.”

“The demands must become high for all of us if we want to write history – or in our sense, win things.”

“That’s because winners write history for the clubs they represent.”

He is fully aware that some struggle, but that’s not his problem.

He added:

“I’m aware I’m very demanding and that so many people struggle with me.”

“When you arrive at a new club, not everyone is used to the pace you bring and you risk leaving someone behind.”