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Could Serie A introduce playoffs to dethrone Juventus?

Juventus, Ronaldo
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According to Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis, Serie A has discussed the possibility of changing its format.

Juventus has now won Serie A nine times in a row. Some would call it dominance and others hard to take. While some or maybe just one, like Napoliโ€™s Aurelio De Laurentiis call it damaging.

Nobody likes to lose, especially to the same opponent year after year.

The likes of Inter Milan have invested heavily this past year in an attempt to close the gap on the Italian league’s dominant force Juventus.

Napoli, Lazio, and AC Milan to name but a few have steadily tried to improve their squads to at least be in with a shout of being in the fight for top honors.

Likewise, they too have fallen short of their expectations.

For the most part, these sides have made adjustments, from management to boardroom level, continued to make changes to their squad and kept up the fight.

However, one man has had enough and apparently been in talks with the league’s powerbrokers to make changes in an effort to thwart what he describes as โ€œdamaging consistency.โ€

In an interview reported by Football Italia, Aurelio De Laurentiis wants a change to the format of the Italian League to help his side finally get one over on powerhouse Juventus.

He said:

โ€œWe are working with the Federation towards the path of Serie A play-offs and play-outs, to break up the damaging consistency of the last nine years.โ€ 

It hardly sounds fair to move the goalposts because you can’t win. It would be interesting to get the likes of Lazio, AC Milan, and Inter Milanโ€™s take on such a suggestion.

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