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Court decides in Liverpool’s favor over New Balance controversy

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Liverpool will have the right to sign a shirt sponsorship deal with Nike after New Balance took the extension issue to the court.

Earlier this season, news leaked out that Liverpool will sign a new shirt sponsorship deal with Nike.

However, The Athletic found out about an issue in Liverpool’s contract with New Balance.

The English giant is, per a clause in the contract, obliged to notify New Balance of any incoming offers for a new sponsorship deal.

This enables New Balance to match any new offer, automatically triggering the contract extension.

After initial rumblings, Nike and Liverpool found a way to get around this clause.

Nike promised to include influencers promotion, as Drake, LeBron James, Serena Williams will all promote Liverpool’s brand.

Mr. Justice Teare judged in Liverpool’s favor in the following statement:

“In my judgement the calibre of the named athletes or influencers can be measured…

“I have therefore concluded that the New Balance offer on marketing was less favourable to Liverpool FC than the Nike offer because Liverpool FC cannot require New Balance, on the terms of its offer, to use global superstar athletes of the calibre of LeBron James, Serena Williams, Drake etc”

“It must follow that Liverpool FC is not obliged to enter into a new agreement with New Balance upon the terms of the latter’s offer.”

New Balance appealed this decision immediately.

This isn’t the first time that New Balance goes to court over an agreement in the footballing world, as Fellaini had similar issues a while ago.

The European champions are now expected to wear Nike shirts in the following season.

While facing some issues off the pitch, the Reds are going strong on it.

Klopp and his men stand alone at the top of the table, six points ahead of Manchester City.