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Courtois turns to a new sport while on lockdown

Thibaut Courtois
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Thibaut Courtois has turned his hand from football to diving a race car while he is on COVID-19 lockdown.

It appears that Thibaut Courtois has had enough of waiting for football season to start back up.

The Real Madrid and Belgian shot-stopper is stuck at home due to the coronavirus lockdown that has gripped the footballing world.

Many pro athletes have taken up playing their beloved games in their eSport format.

But Courtois while also turning to video games, has taken up a whole new sport instead.

Not only has he turned to race car driving, but he is also pitting his wits against the very best.

The likes of Formula 1 drivers McLaren’s Lando Norris and star debutant Nicholas Latifi are his opponents.