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CR7: The Record-Breaking Mean Machine

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Do you remember Blatter making fun of CR7? Perhaps not. But you definitively remember how Cristiano replied, though.

That was his unbroken spirit shining. He scored a couple of goals and celebrated as a captain, reminding Blatter, and certainly a few other bitter old souls of football, that CR7 is a generational talent: fit to stand in the Olympus and even surpass some of our footballing gods.

Statistically at least, he did. Pundits will always compare his style of play with Messi, or Ronaldo Nazário, Pelé, Maradona. And while one could agree he has a more direct style, we can reminisce about his earlier years, when he was a dribbling devil, akin to Messi. He’s probably one of the biggest assets of sports betting sites, seeing that he, standing at 37 years old, is still the biggest trouble-maker in the club that helped cement his legend: Manchester United.

This force of nature didn’t seem, from the start, to be prone to destroy each and every record humanely able to be broke in modern football, yet that didn’t deter him whatsoever.

So, which are the biggest records he broke? Let’s take a look. It’s a doozy.

Best goal-scorer ever

Numbers don’t lie. Sure, Pelé can state, in his social media, that he scored more than a thousand goals, but the history tells… well, a different history. Ronaldo, to this day, scored 810 goals, which makes him the best goal scorer ever. His statistics are not only impressive, but almost scary as well. It is a monstrous number, and there’s only one player currently that can even think of topple that: and that is Messi, considered by many to be the best player ever. Yet, he is behind Ronaldo. Oh well…

Best national team scorer ever

115 goals for the Portuguese National Squad. That’s a big chunk of the overall goals he scored. Now, some people will remember a young Ronaldo on the Euro 2004, when Ali’s record seemed so absurd it was impossible to match it. But match it he did, for he is the man. And he still has another World Cup in him, assuming Portugal will qualify. So, the number will likely increase, although he already is the top scorer in World Cups, with 7 goals to his name. He also has the most hat-tricks scored in international games, with a whooping 10 hat-tricks to his name.

The Champions League king

Do you remember the time when Cristiano Ronaldo scored 17 goals in a single Champions League? That’s not only one of the most difficult records to break but only one of the valleys of plenty Ronaldo has going for himself. He is the biggest scorer ever in the Champions League: 140 goals. If this number isn’t enough to impress some sceptic pundit, there’s nothing in the world prone to impress him with. These are unreal numbers, legendary in their very nature, and everyone lucky enough to live in this time was presented with the very best of football acuity.

The man’s charisma

They say there’s a time and a place. Ronaldo disagrees. He’s almost 37 and he’s still able to play 3 games a week. He destroyed at Manchester United, achieved legendary status at Real Madrid, broke records at Juventus and now, as the prodigal son returning home, he’s the top scorer and the reason Manchester United is still in the Champions League.

You wouldn’t say now that this absolute monster was just a young, poor boy from an island in Portugal, with as much people believing him as people disregarding his talent. Yet, with his impeccable working rate, his fitness obsession, and his absolute confidence in himself, he turned himself into gold. And that’s, perhaps, his most enduring legacy.

In the end of the day, the hero people see in Cristiano is not one that was touched by the Gods and did everything without any effort. He shaped himself, through hard work and dedication, to be the player he dreamed to be. His history is one of grueling effort, dedication and self-love. As it stands today, he is the best example to all young players dreaming to be top players.