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Crichton tries to explain why Scotland failed against Argentina

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The midfielder couldn’t stop her team from being kicked out of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the Group Stage.

Scotland had a 3-0 lead against Argentina with 16 minutes left to go.

But the Scottish Ladies conceded three times to tied 3-3 and be kicked out of the Group Stage of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.

And Scottish midfielder Leanne Crichton has tried to explain today what happened during that game.

“I look online and see ‘Nobody should lose a 3-0 lead’ and I get that,” Crichton told BBC Scotland.

“That’s clear and we’ll take our part responsible for that and we’ll live with that forever.”

“The difficulty with the last game was there were games to be played the next day,” she added.

“So for us, we were aware of the fact Chile would play Thailand and we knew that Thailand had suffered heavy defeats.”

“So the reality was that Chile could take five or six off Thailand and put us out of the tournament,” she said.

“At 3-0 we were naive. I was naive probably at the moment.”

She explained: “You think, ‘We can score another and another and then it [qualification] becomes an absolute certainty’. You can look at it and say at 3-2 we were going through, but that was only after the games were played the next day.”

“At the Euros, it was goal difference. We didn’t progress out of the group – we had to beat Spain 2-0 in the last game and it finished 1-0. That’s a cruel way not to progress.”