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Cristiano Ronaldo – a football legend and people’s idol

Cristiano Ronaldo - Juventus
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On February 5, 2021, the legendary Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his 36th birthday.

He spent this memorable day with his family – his girlfriend Georgina and kids. The forward celebrated not only his birthday but also the anniversary of his sports career. Exactly 20 years ago, Cristiano made his first appearance as a professional footballer for Sporting in Portugal.

The hero of the day regrets that he can’t promise another 20 years of playing to his fans. He is pretty sure, however, that he will continue to give his best.

One can’t but trust his word. In the current season alone, the striker played in 23 matches, scored 22 goals against his opponents as well as three assists. Since his 30th birthday, he managed to score 300 goals! Ronaldo scored the jubilee ball on February, 6 in a duel with Roma in the 21st round of Serie A.

Even if he doesn’t score, he remains the brightest and most useful team player.

For instance, on February, 9 Juventus hosted Inter on his field. The Italian Cup semi final ended with a blank draw. Of course, we should pay tribute to the defenders of the Turin club, but thanks to Cristiano’s efforts, sometimes they even got bored. The first half was rather passive for Ronaldo, as well as for the whole team. We witnessed several attacks breaking into the penalty area, but they were not pushed till the end.

In the second half, the legendary striker got back on track. He managed to create three scoring chances and had two shots on target of the Milanese. Here it is worth noting Handanovic’s work. It was he who protected his net, at the cost of unbelievable efforts.

The Inter defenders were not very good at their task, however. Cristiano beat them four times dribbling, won 8 of 13 single combats, converted three of four scoring chances, and also got three fouls on himself.

Cristiano also showed up in patterned play: he made 56 touches, 31 pinpoint passes (with 33 of them in total). Almost all indicators are related to playing clean balls and passing back and forth. The opponent obviously couldn’t put pressure on Ronaldo or stop him in contact struggle. Receiving the pass, the forward was always open, each time beating the opponent, sharpening or keeping the ball.

Once again Cristiano proved that a great striker doesn’t necessarily need to score goals to remain cool. With that said, he never forgets about his fans. Even on his birthday, he noted their support and thanked them for their kind words.

The Portuguese admits that fans have a special place in his heart. They too reciprocate his feelings.

Proof of this is his Best Player of the 21st Century award according to the Globe Soccer, as reported by the bookmaker-ratings.com website. Thanks to his fans, Ronaldo gained 38% of the votes, leaving behind his closest rival ​​Lionel Messi from Barcelona, with 24%.

The forward of Turin’s Juventus is truly one of the best footballers of all times. He is titled as the best scorer in the history of Real Madrid, as well as the Portuguese national team.

It is unlikely, however, that Cristiano could have gained such success and recognition if it wasn’t for his big heart. Numerous charity donations bespeak his humanity and kindness. He has provided help for sick children repeatedly and made their dreams come true, sponsored hospitals and charity funds. Ronaldo was one of the first to donate about a million euros to fight the pandemic and he supported the construction of three new intensive care units.

Ronaldo is rightly seen as a national idol, and in our subjective opinion, he could easily claim to be a Hero of the 21st century, if such an award ever existed.