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Cristiano Ronaldo believes Juventus will conquer Europe

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During the ceremony of his Marca Leyenda Award, Cristiano Ronaldo lived a very special night in which he put Juventus above the rest.

Every Real Madrid fan who saw Cristiano Ronaldo getting his Marca Leyenda Award relived the painful day when he left to play for Juventus.

A year after he decided to change his future due to a disagreement with president Florentino Perez, Ronaldo came back to Madrid for his first public event.

The fans who witnessed the Portuguese player’s return were able to capture a magical moment, it is clear that everybody misses him.

Contrary to what we believed would happen if they met each other, Florentino and Cristian were very amicable when they met.

While in public, Perez profusely hugged the star and even kissed him on the cheek. When this moment happened, the president received several requests from the fans who were invited to the ceremony.

They kept asking him to sign Ronaldo again, it is clear that fans truly miss him and they want him back at any cost.

The star even got to experience this feeling from one of the children who accompanied him on the event, who flat out told him he was very sorry when he realized Cristiano was leaving Real Madrid.

Ronaldo himself felt the love from the people who attended the event during that specific moment, he confessed that he felt sorry as well.

It’s too late to take his decision back.

It’s a bummer that this whole making up process between Ronaldo and Florentino took so long to happen, they would’ve prevented the layer from leaving the club of his life.

There is no denying that Cristiano lived his better moments at Real Madrid, this is where he won four out of five Ballon d’Or trophies and four Champions League in five seasons.

But knowing how professional this player is, it was obvious that he would look forward and try to keep winning titles with his new club.

The Portuguese forward already won the hearts of millions in Italy, he is entering a whole new season with great hopes for winning the Champions League as soon as he can.

Ronaldo was questioned about his chances of winning the trophy with Juventus, his response was faithful to his own personality.

“After everything I won in Real Madrid, I needed a change and a new motivation to keep winning,” said Ronaldo to Marca.

“I still see myself with the strength and the determination to keep winning titles. Juventus is going to win the Champions League, I don’t know if this year or the next one but the trophy will come.”

Juventus truly is the top title contender.

After last season’s massive heartbreak against AFC Ajax, Cristiano Ronaldo’s objectives for his second season in Italy were very clear.

He initially told his board of directors how disappointed he was at the squad that lost the competition, he played a key role in reaching the Quarterfinals.

However, Ronaldo knows that he can’t win the title on his own and he pushed the board to sign great players for next season.

The institution decided to make major modifications to the team, which came in the form of some very big players.

The Old Lady signed the likes of Adrien Rabiot, Aaron Ramsey, and Matthijs de Ligt. The Dutch youngster is the biggest transfer they got, he is the type of player who can help Juventus win the UEFA Champions League.

Ronaldo played a major role in his transfer, he was the first person to ask him to play alongside him.

This new season appears to be the one in which Juventus is finally considered one of the top contenders for all the titles, especially the UEFA Champions League.

Last night’s event was a bittersweet reminder that Cristiano was part of the Spanish La Liga in the past, a place where he won’t play weekly anymore.

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