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Cristiano Ronaldo came to Manchester United 16 years ago 

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It was exactly 16 years ago today, that Manchester United made the decision to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting CP.

The very well say that remembering is living, Cristiano Ronaldo became a Manchester United player 16 years ago today.

We previously told you the incredible story of how Ronaldinho didn’t become a Red Devils as FC Barcelona snatched him away from the English club.

This was considered one of the most important signings in the Catalan club’s history, if not the most important.

Well, many of the experts in the Mancunian club’s lore suggest that Ronaldinho not coming was by celestial design because they would get the chance to sign their own legend a few weeks later.

Everything went down as Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad had a scheduled friendly against Sporting Clube from Portugal.

They had a young teenager who was very skinny but had impressive skills as a winger, many United defenders were reportedly very impressed with his level of dribbling.

They immediately tried to convince Sir Alex that they could accomplish great things with this talented young player.

The Scotsman didn’t take much convincing as he also was surprised by young Ronaldo.

He signed his contract on August 12, 2003 and began a truly incredible career in English football.

This was the time that served him to become one of the best players in history, if not the very best. But that is up for debate.

Ronaldo’s adaptation at Manchester United.

This signing took absolutely everybody by surprise, nobody was expecting another Ronaldo in football history this soon in the game.

We already had Ronaldo Nazario and Ronaldinho Gaucho playing incredible football at the time, this kid was just a bonus.

In fact, not a lot of people believed that he would be nearly as good as the other two. But Sir Alex Ferguson always remained faithful, he knew that the potential this youngster had would blow the rest of the competition out of the game.

He had a gut feeling that this Ronaldo would soon become his own man, he wouldn’t need to be compared to the other two because he had a specific set of skills that placed him apart from the rest.

The initial problems Cristiano faced were linked to his attitude inside the pitch, he was a bit of a diver in the beginning but he had great role models to get that out of him.

Playing next to legends such as Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, and Nemanja Vidic would help Ronaldo realize that diving wasn’t great for his career.

This was a bad habit that he quickly got rid of, it took him a lot of bad training days to understand it but he did it.

Manchester’s Ronaldo was the best Ronaldo.

Even though we understand how people might perceive Real Madrid’s Ronaldo as the best of his career, we believe the one from Manchester was a better player.

This was the fearless dribbler who was incredibly fast and always wanted to take on defenders, there was a time when he was absolutely unplayable.

The Cristiano from Real Madrid focused way more on scoring many goals instead of offering a spectacular performance for the fans.

This sport is all about making the supporters feel like the money they paid for the ticket was a good investment, Ronaldo helped all the supporters feel that after every Manchester United game.

This was a man who was determined to become the greatest player ever, but also a great entertainer.

He loved the feeling of making several hundred people suddenly stand up from their seats after he did something with the ball, something that was hard to comprehend.

These players are the ones who rule the game, the ones who are known as the trendsetters.

This is the reason we are convinced that Red Devil Ronaldo was the best out of all the stages of his career.

Which Ronaldo was the best Ronaldo, the one from Real Madrid or the one from Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.