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Cristiano Ronaldo debuted with Sporting 18 years ago

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It’s time to recall the day in which Cristiano Ronaldo made his professional debut with Sporting Clube from Portugal.

Man oh man, 18 years have gone by pretty fast for Cristiano Ronaldo as we remember the day in which he made his debut with Sporting.

A skinny Portuguese kid who was only 16 years old at the time deeply impressed manager Lazlo Boloni, his dribbling was something he never experienced before in any player.

The debut came during a training match against Atletico CP from the same country, he then went on to make his official debut in the Portuguese League against Moreiense nearly a year later.

During that match, Cristiano scored a brace in his team’s final 3-0 victory. It was pretty clear that a star was born on that period of time, he was considered the perfect successor to Luis Figo back then.

Little did everybody in Portugal know, Ronaldo would become the greatest player in their country’s history and arguably one of the best that this sport has ever produced.

We know that the rest of the story is very familiar to all of us, but Ronaldo wouldn’t have made it to any the clubs he represented later if it hadn’t been for the time he spent at Sporting.

Cristiano proved from a very early age that he was willing to learn, he always maintained his work ethic intact and he was always willing to learn new things.

When the planets aligned for Cristiano Ronaldo.

It was exactly this tremendous work ethic and willingness to learn what brought him to Manchester United, his creativity on the wing was the first thing that Sir Alex Ferguson noticed in Ronaldo.

We need to remember that the summer of 2003 was a very eventful one for Manchester United, a lot of different things happened that brought him to sign Ronaldo.

One can easily understand how people can believe in fate just by looking at the story of that summer, the planets truly did align for Cristiano Ronaldo in a period of only two months.

If two specific events hadn’t taken place, we don’t know where the Portuguese legend would’ve ended up.

The first of these significant things that happened was David Beckham’s exit from the Red Devils, he was the player who wore the mythical number ‘7’ shirt that Ronaldo eventually inherited.

The English midfielder had several problems with Sir Alex Ferguson at the time and he was willing to leave the club, FC Barcelona was the club that showed the most interest in his services.

But ‘Becks’ refused to leave to the Catalan club, he was only willing to play for Real Madrid and Florentino didn’t need too much convincing to make an offer for him.

That was the first planet that aligned in Ronaldo’s favor.

The second planet that aligned was when Ronaldinho was about to sign for Manchester United, the Brazilian player was next in line to become the best player in the world.

Sir Alex Ferguson was deeply obsessed to sign the young star from PSG, but FC Barcelona came to steal him from under their nose at the last minute.

If United had fought to sign the Brazilian a little more, perhaps we would’ve seen a very different story and Cristiano would’ve ended up at Arsenal or something like that.

But fate worked in a mysterious way that summer, Ronaldo was always supposed to be discovered by Ferguson during that match between Man United and Sporting CP.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 18 years since the star made his debut for his first club.

We can’t help but tear up at the thought that we are closing in fast to the day when he inevitably gives us the terrible news.

Cristiano isn’t getting any younger, his retirement is closer and none of us are ready for that day.

We will always remember the day in which the Portuguese legend told the world that he would not play football anymore.

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