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Cristiano Ronaldo defends himself from recent criticism

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After a tough week in Serie A, Cristiano Ronaldo had to come out and defend himself from recent criticism against his reaction vs AS Roma.

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t have the best weekend against AS Roma in Serie A, the Portuguese forward lost 2-0 at Olympic Stadium in Rome.

The star was hoping to score some goals that could get him closer to Sampdoria striker Fabio Quagliarella in the goal-scoring table.

However, playing at AS Roma wasn’t going to be easy for Juventus and Cristiano is the one who suffered the most.

The Italian champions saw their result in jeopardy from the very start but there was an isolated incident that marked the game.

With tensions running high and all the Roma players committing fouls against the Juventus players, Ronaldo eventually snapped.

There was a moment in which the Portuguese forward and Alessandro Florenzi were involved in a confrontation.

Cristiano didn’t react in the best possible manner as he mocked the AS Roma player’s height as a mime.

This wasn’t taken very well by the press or the player, who got his revenge by scoring the first of AS Roma’s goal near the end of the match.

Juventus lost the game and Ronaldo went home empty-handed.

But the defeat wasn’t all that happened, Cristiano got bombarded with criticism against him for the incident against Florenzi.

The player spoke to La Repubblica on Monday about the pressure he has to love with every day, and how he gets tired of it very often.

“I don’t think people believe I’m a robot, but they see me as someone who can never have a problem, can never be sad, never have worries,” said Ronaldo on La Repubblica.

“People identify success, being carefree, with money: ‘How can he be sad or have a crisis if he is a millionaire?’”

“You must understand that not everybody is the same, they still experience certain things. But I understand it.”

“I know that people stand with their rifles waiting for me to miss a penalty or to fail in a decisive game.”

“But it is part of life and I must be prepared to accept that. And I have been prepared for many years.”

“I do not deny that sometimes it bothers me and I get tired because it seems that every year I must prove myself to be very strong. It is difficult.”

“You also have to take into account the additional pressure of having to prove something to others, not just yourself. And to the people around you.”

“To your family, to your mother, to your child. ‘Cris, tomorrow you must win’. You have to train continuously, but there comes a moment when you say: ‘Listen, leave me alone’.”

“I see football as a mission: to take to the field, win, improve,” he added.

“Those times when I would be playing and think, now I will do a dribble, I don’t have them anymore.”

“There is an additional pressure. People constantly judge you: ‘It’s over now. He is 33, 34, 35 years old, he should stop’. You want to leave them stunned and prove ‘it’s still me’.”

Can Ronaldo still win the Top Scorer trophy?

This is a question we are all asking ourselves, Cristiano Ronaldo still has two matches to score a total of five goals in the competition.

This and Quagliarella not scoring any more goals until the last fixture can secure Cristiano Ronaldo the trophy.

But getting this individual accolade will prove incredibly difficult, the last match against AS Roma was a great opportunity for him to get a little closer.

Ronaldo keeps getting a better idea of how complicated it is for any player to score goals in Serie A, which is the most defensive competition in the world.

However, Ronaldo has done remarkably well for being his first year in Italian football.

In fact, not winning the goal-scoring title this season will only motivate him even further to compete for it next season.

We are positive that Cristiano Ronaldo has Gonzalo Higuain’s 36-goal record from the 2015-16 season on his mind, this is a new target that he will attempt to reach in the next two seasons.

We are positive that Cristiano is going to do his absolute best to become the all-time Serie A top scorer during his veteran years, we think he can pull it off.


Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo can become the Serie A all-time top scorer during his time at Juventus? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.