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Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 21 stats: Best forward in the game

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Cristiano Ronaldo might not be the overall rated player in FIFA 21 but he is without a doubt the best rated forward in the game.

It’s just about three weeks till FIFA 21 is officially out but we already know what to look forward to. Just recently, the ratings were revealed ahead of the official launch and it was a bitter-sweet one for Ronaldo fans.

CR7 (92) could only finish behind Lionel Messi (93) in the overall ratings of the video game. That can be forgiven but many were left wondering why the Juventus ace was downgraded after an impressive season for club and country.

Compared to FIFA 20, Ronaldo suffered a 1 point deduction in his overall ratings. We take a look at some of his key stats and attributes in the latest edition of the franchise.

Shooting: 93

CR7 tops this aspect of the game and is the overall best rated at shooting in FIFA 21. He maintains his numbers from the last edition and the decision to do so is justifiable.

Ronaldo continued to be prolific in front of goal with 37 goals in 46 total appearances last term. Going more specific, his rating for finishing improved one up from 94 to 95.

Although, his shot power reduced by a point from 95 to 94. Surprisingly, his penalty stat also got a decrease from 85 to 84.

Regardless, Ronaldo remains the best striker in the game and that makes Juventus an exciting choice to go for when the game is released.

Pace: 89

The Portuguese ace could only see his speed ratings reduce by a mere point. No one can argue with this as it’s only normal.

Ronaldo can defy a lot of things at his age but it would come as no shock if his ratings as a 35-year-old stand as 89. In perspective, a certain Lewandowski can only account for 78 pace in the latest ratings.

Dribbling: 89

His overall dribbling rating from the last edition remains the same and that is no surprise as well. Going more specific, all attributes under this category remained the same except for the dribbling technique itself.

Ronaldo gets an 88 dribbling technique this time compared to his former at 89 in FIFA 20. Something to indicate he’s leaning to become more of a team player perhaps.

Physicality: 77

Ronaldo boasts athleticism even some 26-year-old strikers would be proud of. Although, the physical decline is starting to take it’s toll gradually.

CR7 missed a couple of games last season due to injury and his fitness came under scrutiny a lot of times. No surprise his overall physicality rating reduced from 78 to 77. Going more specific, his stamina suffered a decline that accounts for the overall reduction.