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Cristiano Ronaldo is about to break the greatest record ever

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After reaching Josef Bican’s record, Cristiano Ronaldo has a chance to surpass the greatest record of them all. He’s about to become eternal. 

Cristiano Ronaldo went and did it, he reached the most impressive record of them all. Perhaps Messi managed to surpass Pele on another unique record by scoring more goals for a single club. But Cristiano Ronaldo was always aiming higher than that, he wanted the greatest individual record of them all. We are talking about the most impressive goal scorer we have ever seen after all.

Nobody doubts Cristiano was eventually going to reach this number, but surpassing it will be even more important. The tournament is the Coppa Italia against Genoa next Wednesday at Juventus Stadium. No other player in history ever got to score 760 official goals, something that Ronaldo might be able to accomplish before turning 36 years old. 

Can Ronaldo get past 800 goals? 

Even though he is considered a seasoned veteran already, Cristiano Ronaldo still has a good chance of getting past 800 goals in his professional career. No other player ever dreamed of getting to this number in official goals. But we all know what Ronaldo is able to accomplish. In fact, he might even reach 1,000 goals if he remains active for another five seasons.

Only he is the one who can set himself a limit and right now he is at the top of his game. Just by looking at his jump, we can see he still feels like to 20-year-old. If injuries stay away from him, Cristiano will end far from his other competitors in goals scored. We even doubt Messi can reach him by the time his career comes to an end. Ronaldo won’t let him.