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Cristiano Ronaldo is not even thinking about retirement

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, Serie A
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34-year-old Juventus footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, has given his fans worldwide hope after he said he is not even remotely near retirement.

Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing professionally since he debuted for Sporting CP in 2002.

He moved to Manchester United in 2003, and then to Real Madrid in 2009.

And last year he shocked the world with a transfer to Juventus in the Italian Serie A.

But the 34-year-old says he’s not ready to retire yet.

“Age is just a number. It does not mean that at 34, 35, 36, you are at the end of your career,” Ronaldo said according to Sky Sports.

“I can show that with my performances, how I play, the way I play, the way I still feel good, sharp, thinking about the game, more mature. This makes the difference.”

He continued saying: “We want to win Serie A, we want to win the Cup, the Champions League.”

“Juventus should think big… We are going to try to win all the trophies, we know it will be difficult, especially the league and the Champions League, but I think it is possible. Everything is possible.”

“In terms of individual [honors], I have nothing to say as this is individual. It is not the most important thing,” Ronaldo added.

“The most important is the collective awards.”

“If you win the collective awards, you have more chance to win the individual awards… The Ballon d’Or is for me in second place,” he continued.

“To win games, to score goals, to enjoy myself, to arrive home and see my kids happy and say, ‘Congratulations daddy for scoring a goal.’ That makes me happy.”

“This is my motivation to come to train, for the games, to entertain people and the fans with my passion,” Ronaldo concluded.