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Cristiano Ronaldo is the ultimate serial “winner”

Cristiano Ronaldo
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As far as compatriot Abel Xavier is concerned Cristiano Ronaldo has won everywhere he has been and will continue to win wherever he goes.

Cristiano Ronaldo has come in for some strong criticism of late. 

But the fact of the matter is, wherever he has played he has won. This is not just about personal accolades either, the teams he has been a part of have always won too.

Speaking to Stats Perform News, the former Liverpool man Abel Xavier makes no mention of Ballon d’Or’s, just his record on the field.

His argument is quite compelling.

Xavier said:

“He’s a winner and his mental focus is great.”

“You realize he does not like the comfort zone. He was in Madrid, he won; he was at Man United, he won; he’s at Juventus and has also won things.”

“Wherever he goes, he is going to win, individually and collectively.”

“Of course, there is going to arrive a moment when he is not going to be able to produce the same style of football, but when you’re looking to win concerning the goalscoring positions, he is one of the best.”

“For me, as a Portuguese, and for all people who love football, we admire him. He’s a great player, a great athlete and a great team-mate in football.”

“I know him from my time as a player when he was a young player who started to be integrated into the national team environment.”

“I believe he is still intact, he is still a very strong-minded, focused person, and he wants to win titles.”

“He wants to win titles individually, he wants to win them collectively.”

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