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Cristiano Ronaldo leads the Italian football Renaissance

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There is no question that the man responsible for Italian football and Serie A’s imminent return is Cristiano Ronaldo. We tell you why.

When the season started in Italian football, the main news that shook the world was Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival to Juventus and it was taken as one of the best possible news that the country could’ve gotten in decades.

It didn’t matter which club you supported at the time, people knew that the Portuguese forward’s arrival in Serie A was one of the biggest signs that we were upon the start of a Renaissance in the country’s sport.

Italian football went through some dark ages between 2011 and today, with only Juventus being able to compete for the top spots in the UEFA Champions League by going all the way to the finals of 2015 and 2017.

Other clubs in Serie A hardly even made it to the competition’s Round of 16 and they also struggled to get far in the UEFA Europa League, but the current season has brought a more competitive Top Four in Serie A and this means that Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival is a major reason for the other clubs to make a bigger effort in regards to transfers.

They know that if they don’t start signing new players in the next few years, Juventus will extend its dominance for another five years at least.

The first club that moved forward with the transfer politics of it all was AC Milan, the Rossoneri have already signed Krzystoff Piatek and they effectively brought an instant competitor who can score as many goals as the Portuguese player.

Internazionale Milano isn’t far behind despite already having Mauro Icardi on their squad, the Nerazzurri decided to go after Argentine striker Lautaro Martinez and effectively signed one of the most exciting strikers for the future.

There is an imminent direction that the biggest clubs in Italian football have started taking, but this process will take them a few more years before the completely feel like they can be competitive enough to at least be part of the eight most competitive clubs in Europe by the time the Champions League quarterfinals catch up next season.

Internazionale Milano was dealt an unfortunate hand this season with FC Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur, and PSV Eindhoven on the same group.

It won’t be long before we see another club other than Juventus making the headlines in the biggest club competition on the planet. It is only a matter of time.

The one who has explained this Renaissance better than anyone is AC Milan legend Franco Baresi, one of the best defenders in Italian football history who proved that he is very excited for the future of Serie A.

The legend obviously blames Cristiano Ronaldo for this revival, the Portuguese player alone is the force that has been pulling many f the best players in the world to Italy because they feel excited by the opportunity of playing either with or against CR7.

“Yes, there is a renaissance in Italian football, it is growing again,” said Baresi via Record.

“There is significantly more interest and the arrival of some great footballers like Ronaldo.”

“His signing is a very clear and positive signal. Italian football has always been at a high level but is growing again.”

“Italian teams are doing well in Europe again, so it is on the up.”

“Juve have had an easy time in the last seven or eight years because Milan and Inter have gone through a difficult period with the changing of ownership,” said Baresi, who was the Milan skipper from the age of 22.

“But they are the only two teams with the history, the brand, the following and structure while the other two lack some of those elements.”

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