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Cristiano Ronaldo makes Eric Cantona promise

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The Red Devils’ current No.7 plans to emulate ‘King Eric’ and his iconic collar style.

Cristiano Ronaldo has said he would copy Manchester United legend Eric Cantona’s turned-up collar style if he scores a goal.

Cantona’s tendency to raise his collar during his days as a United player became an integral part of his look. ‘The King’ would puff out his chest and turn up his collar for each game. He once revealed he mostly kept it up for superstition reasons.

This season, United have brought back a collar for their home jersey. Fans and players alike have welcomed the design, and in a behind-the-scenes clip, two young fans – Zac and Charlie – decided to make a request to Ronaldo.

When they asked Ronaldo which is his favorite shirt, the forward replied: “The red one is my favorite.”

“Because it’s Red Devils, so the red one!”

The ‘Little Devils’ then popped the big question, would Ronaldo wear his collar as Cantona did?

“I don’t think so! Probably, if I score a goal, I’ll do it. Ok?” the five-time Ballon d’Or winner said.

Ronaldo scored his first goal of the season for United last time out in the 2-0 Europa League win over FC Sheriff.

He didn’t turn his collar up then, but Sunday’s derby against Manchester City would be the perfect moment to keep his promise if he scores another goal against Pep Guardiola’s side.