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Cristiano Ronaldo makes European history for Portugal

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With all the arsenal on the pitch for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo reached another all-time record in European football against Lithuania.

The Portugal National Team made a dangerous trip to Lithuania for their fourth match of the European Qualifiers, Cristiano Ronaldo led them to victory.

The Portugal captain was aiming to crush another historic record, one that Irishman Robbie Keane jokingly begged him to leave alone.

Before this match started, Ronaldo had 20 goals in the European Qualifiers, which was three less than Robbie managed to score throughout his career with the Republic of Ireland.

Today seemed like the ideal moment to at least try to reach that record, which is something that always motivates Ronaldo to keep doing what he does best.

Another detail to note was Joao Felix’s inclusion in the starting eleven, the Atletico Madrid young star finally got a chance to prove himself with manager Fernando Santos.

He played as a left-winger and gave Cristiano the chance to perform as the striker, a position he will keep playing until he retires from now on.

With his quickness from the left side of the pitch, Felix got the first penalty for Portugal after sending a pass that hit a Lithuanian defender’s hand.

This was Ronaldo’s first chance to score the first goal of the evening, he didn’t hesitate and gave his squad an early lead from the spot.

But this game wouldn’t be as easy as we expected, Lithuania responded to Ronaldo’s goal before half time.

Ronaldo makes history with Portugal.

During a corner kick for the locals, Andriuskevicius scored the equalizer with a well-placed header that hit the post and got inside Rui Patricio’s goal.

All Portugal could do by now was to maintain their pressure and tire the opposition, Lithuania doesn’t have as much stamina as the European Champions.

The locals held their own until the 60th minute, which was exactly when Ronaldo started playing his best football.

The captain released a long-distance shot that didn’t seem too dangerous at first, but goalkeeper Setkus managed to mess up by getting the ball inside with the back of his head.

This goal was initially given to the keeper, but the referee corrected the decision and gave it to Ronaldo.

Cristiano then proved that he was willing to get past Robbie Keane before the end of the match, he associated well with Bernardo Silva.

The Manchester City winger is the ideal partner for Cristiano, he was the one who gave him the two goals that leave him alone at the top of the all-time table in European Qualifiers.

Right after scoring his fourth goal of the evening, Ronaldo requested to leave the pitch and manager Fernando Santos granted his wish.

The duties were completed for Cristiano, and for Portugal as well. The final minutes gave us one last goal for the European Champions, it came from midfielder William Carvalho.

This 5-1 victory gives Portugal the second spot inside Group B over Serbia, they remain with 8 points and they still have Ukraine above them.

However, Portugal still has one more match to play compared to the rest of the squads.

We have to take a minute to appreciate how impressive Cristiano Ronaldo has been with his national team, the man reached an insane 93 goals with his country tonight.

This number leaves him as the player with the most goals for his national team who is still active.

The best part about this is that Ronaldo still looks like he can play his best football for many years, and he is already 34 years of age.

We are delighted to know that we will have this legend performing for at least another major tournament, the Euro 2020 is getting ready for Cristiano’s greatness with Portugal.

This team is arguably more competitive than the one that won the previous competition, which gives Ronaldo hope of possibly repeating the title next year.

The new generation of players who are present in Ronaldo’s career right now is nothing short of incredible, and the old man is leading the charge with his goals.

Next up for Ronaldo is the 100 goals with Portugal, he is only 7 away from that record.

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