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Cristiano Ronaldo tells fans how to beat coronavirus

Cristiano Ronaldo, coronavirus
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Cristiano Ronaldo shared some sound advice with fans on how to fight against coronavirus during these difficult times.

Ronaldo is self-isolating after testing positive for coronavirus last Tuesday and will remain so until October 23 at the earliest.

This has caused him to miss Portugal’s 3-0 win over Sweden in the Nations League, and at least two of Juventus’ next games against Crotone and Dynamo Kyiv.

Most importantly, though, Ronaldo has displayed no symptoms and appears to be in good health. He has kept fans updated on social media and offered some advice on Friday night to fight coronavirus.

“The most important thing is to have a good, high vitamin D: the sun is free and 20/30 minutes of sun helps your immune system,” said Ronaldo as quoted on OneFootball.

“You also need to have a high vitamin C, as well as Omega 3. You need to eat well, eat well and carefully, do some sports, walk.

“Then it is important to sleep well, thank God I am lucky because I do it every night: I sleep 8-9 hours a day. It is the best remedy, it is fundamental as well as eating well: for example, you need to eat lots of vegetables.

“Soon I want to give you my opinion on what I have studied in recent months: this virus is a serious matter, but I am not afraid.”