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Cristiano Ronaldo: when the world no longer bends

"Dani Alves & Cristiano Ronaldo" by Nathan Congleton is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Well, you know exactly what the Portuguese said in his last frank interview about being in Manchester: who is Rangnick, it turns out that he respected him at all, neither in-ear nor in spirit.

He did not respect ten Hag either. Because he allegedly did not respect His Majesty CriRo. And if you read between the lines, the Dutchman was in disgrace because he allowed himself impudence. That is, leaving Ronaldo in reserve.

The consequence of that blatantly frank interview of the 37-year-old footballer was the break with “MU”. In fact, it can be argued that Cristiano will not play in the shirt of the local club at Old Trafford. His disparaging words against the former and current head coaches became the last limit, or rather, the last straw that overflowed the cup of the patience of the club management of the Red Devils. After all, after those insults, the player had to have an elementary sense of dignity and respect. And he was shown the door. In any case, in England, all corners are sure that Ronaldo will not stay in “MU”.

In principle, even before that scandalous confession of “dislike” for his once almost native team, Ronaldo allowed himself such strange antics, when, for example, he refused to come on as a substitute at the end of matches. Maybe he would have been tolerated further if he had not said stupid things. But he did. Obviously, deliberately.

Now an unpleasant incident happened to him on the national team, where it seemed that Ron was not only in his native element, but still remains untouchable. However, the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo remained in reserve for the match against Switzerland. And he came out only in the last minutes of the match when its outcome was already decided.

By the expression on his face, you could read the absolute reluctance to start the game from the bench. And what happened after the final whistle is even more eloquent than many of his interviews: when Krish’s partners rejoiced like children at the crushing victory over the opponent and reaching the quarterfinals of the World Cup, Ronaldo walked away with an alienated look, showing contempt with his whole monolithic figure. Contempt because someone had allowed themselves to eat the cherry on top of his cake; that someone had somehow allowed themselves to be the hero of Portugal instead of him.

For some reason, it seems to me that if Portugal lost to Switzerland with a score of 6:7, and all six goals against the Alpine team were scored by the inimitable Cristiano, he would be really happy. And he would be less upset than after such a “consolation” prize as a meaningless substitute in the winning match. Next time don’t miss to bet on game like this and use only trusted independent online slots.

After the match, Santos tried to smooth out the sharp corners of the situation – after all, you can not hide a needle in a sack with all the desire. According to the Portuguese coach, he left the captain in reserve for the match against the Swiss for tactical reasons.

Fernando Santos and Cristiano Ronaldo

Of course, the gray-haired mentor did not have to justify himself, because the final score inclines to abundant blame, not to pour out guilt.

However, the coach was the first to make a symbolic step towards reconciliation with the legend, although there was no conflict as such.

In spite of everything, Ronaldo did not accept such an “apology” from Santos. In any case, his sister Krisha said something else: they say, my brother suffered for a long time not to allow himself such an attitude towards him.

However, for me, the situation will not develop into a loud conflict. What happened to Krish in Manchester is unlikely to happen again in the Portuguese national team. And not only because these are two big differences. But rather for the simple reason that because of a sense of self-preservation and keeping the balance in the team, balance above all in the microclimate, Santos can turn on the “back”. And promise Ronaldo a place in the base for the quarter-final game, because, no matter what anyone says, Ron’s scoring flair is still in full order.

And, unlike at MU, in the Portuguese national team, Crist is still its personification, its legend, and its lifetime monument. And although he, unlike another lifelong “pedestal” – Messi – is not a team player or even a senior comrade in his national team in the literal sense of the term, the golden tan on the mighty torso of Crist – like it or not, makes his “fellow soldiers” to bow.

So it turns out that Cristiano Ronaldo is not on the national team of Portugal now. It is even a little more. These are titles and records not for years, but for decades. And maybe even longer. And the official statement of the Portuguese Football Federation on this conflict is another confirmation of this. That’s why our hero (or rather, theirs) can behave like a crybaby, like a small child who has been deprived of his favorite toy.

Of course, such behavior from the outside is seen as at least a misunderstanding, bliss, or cacophony. But you can not take words out of the song: Santa and the company have to bear their hard cross. And they will. At least – until the last match of Portugal on the fields of Qatar. Don’t miss the opportunity to bet on the game Ronaldo in the new club with new casino bonus.

It is their duty. Their karma. And in this case, nothing can be done. And, in principle, nothing needs to be done: sooner or later everything will “dissolve” by itself, when the “monument” simply decides that “I’m tired, I’m leaving”.

And then the whole “post-Cristiano” team of Portugal will probably breathe a sigh of relief. And probably will find a second wind and spread its wings.

But it is unlikely to repeat previous results, titles and records: so far, a similar unicum has not been cloned there.

As for the perception of this picture by Ronaldo, in my subjective opinion, it looks ugly. A man who has achieved in his field of activity absolutely everything he dreamed of, at the end of a long career could become a mentor, teacher, or sage. Anyone, but not a laughingstock.

But he still hopes to be the navel of the earth, the tuning fork, the truth of the last instance, sincerely not understanding why the world refuses to revolve around him.

If youth knew, and old age could…