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Cristiano Ronaldo will be paid rich salary at Juve

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Antonio Cassano believes new Juventus signing Cristiano Ronaldo will have a new experience at Juve and also added that he will be paid richly knowing that he is fit enough to score 20-40 goals each season.

Speaking as quoted in Football Italia, Cassano said:

“Cristiano will have a wonderful new experience, Juve will pay him a rich salary, but are still happy because €100m for a player like that is a bargain.

“He is 33 years old according to his birth certificate, but he looks after his physique so carefully it’s almost maniacal. With the level of this Serie A, he can score 30-40 goals per season for a long while yet.

“I worked with Max Allegri and he’s a real phenomenon. I think some still underestimate him. Allegri’s greatest quality is intelligence. He leaves room for players to create, especially the most talented ones. He is the best possible Coach for Ronaldo.

“Juventus won seven Serie A titles in a row, so the question now is: how many can they rack up? This year they may as well hand over the Scudetto trophy before the season begins.”