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Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister blasts ‘soulless’ Portugal fans after Spain defeat

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The Portuguese superstar has come under fire for his performances ahead of the World Cup.

Katia Aveiro, sister of Cristiano Ronaldo, has slammed fans for being ‘ungrateful’ to Portugal’s captain after their defeat against Spain.

Alvaro Morata scored a late winner for Spain as they defeated Portugal 1-0 on Tuesday. The victory sent Spain to the Nations League finals as they leapfrogged Ronaldo and co.

The Manchester United superstar displayed another underwhelming performance, which increased calls for his exclusion from Portugal’s starting lineup.

“Less Ronaldo, more Portugal” was the headline of a major Portuguese paper on Wednesday as the media compared Ronaldo with Portugal’s other attacking options.

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Aveiro jumped to his brother’s defence by slamming the critics in an Instagram story.

“He has his family and those who love him by his side. These will always be by his side, no matter what”, she began.

“But the current times don’t surprise me at all. The Portuguese spit on the plate they eat, it has always been that way. That’s why when someone appears from the ashes and changes mentalities, it bothers them… With you always, my king.”

She added: “It is necessary to give a hand to those who have always given theirs to Portugal. But the Portuguese are sick, petty, soulless, stupid, ungrateful and forever ungrateful. This guy who’s sitting, he’s on his knees…”

“There’s no one to give him a hand. It is cruel. And it was already so much, but so much that he gave and gives. The one sitting is called Cristiano Ronaldo and he is just the best player in the world.”