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Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer hopes depend on Real Madrid

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Even though he is already training with the Juventus squad, Cristiano Ronaldo still holds hope for a transfer but he depends on Real Madrid. 

Nobody could’ve imagined that Cristiano Ronaldo’s possible transfer hopes would still depend on what Real Madrid does. You are reading this correctly, Florentino Perez holds the key for Cristiano Ronaldo’s future. Funny how stuff that goes around, comes around right? Back in 2018 when the Portuguese star left, he decided to leave the Spanish giants after a massive tantrum. He wanted to get paid as one of the best players in the world but Florentino always refused.

When he found the club that agreed to pay him what he wanted, Cristiano soon realized he lost all his prestige. Although he did win a couple of Serie A titles, the Champions League became an unreachable target for him. Now that he’s been in Italy for three years going into his fourth, Ronaldo has had enough of losing. As his agents keeps looking for a new destination before the transfer window deadline. A new option appears on the horizon but a poetic justice moment also rises. 

PSG will sign him under one condition. 

As one of the best forwards in the world despite his advanced age, Cristiano Ronaldo is trying to find the ideal club where he can continue winning trophies. Should he get a chance to leave, only clubs like PSG or Manchester City are willing to pay him what he asks. In fact, the French giants are willing to pay even a transfer fee for him. According to Diario AS, the Ligue 1 club will immediately try to sign Cristiano but only after Kylian Mbappe decides to leave.

We are in for a thrilling transfer window deadline with two of the biggest names in football directly tied together. If something amazing happens this summer, Cristiano Ronaldo will end up at PSG but only after Real Madrid moves for Mbappe. If this happens, we could witness one of the most important transfer deals in modern football history.