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Croatian footballer murders a chicken on the pitch: They always crash our matches

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The Balkans tend to entertain us with some hilarious and bizarre scenes from their stadiums, but the latest one eclipses all.

After a chicken entered the pitch in the second regional Croatian division, Ivan Gazdek reacted instinctively.

He kicked the unsuspecting chicken, killing it on the spot.

Even though the video shows a clear intent to kill it, Gazdek said it was an accident.

After killing it, he threw the chicken over the fence, earning himself a red card.

In a yet unseen PR move, the Croat talked to 24Sata, refusing to accept the guilt.

“It was genuinely an accident. The match was intense and we were doing badly. We [our team] even fought at the half-time.

“Chicken always intrude out stadium. The pitch is full of their crap, and those conditions aren’t hygienic.

“I ran towards them to scare them, accidentally killing one when I kicked towards the chickens.”

Gazdek concluded his admission by saying: “F**k it”

You can watch the incident on this link.

In the aftermath of the event, the player bought the new chicken to the saddened owner. His team ended winning the “intense” matchup 8-1.