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Crouch defends Alexander-Arnold by putting the blame on Salah

Crouch, England
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Trent Alexander-Arnold is regarded as one of the best, if not the best attacking full-back in the world of football.

However, there are weaknesses to Alexander-Arnold’s game. The most mentioned one is that he isn’t good enough defensively.

The teams are targeting Trent’s side of the pitch, as he goes forward a lot, leaving his flank exposed for the counter-attacks.

However, Peter Crouch doesn’t agree with that assessment. Talking to BT Sport, Crouch said:

“It’s easy to say there’s no weakness whatsoever but although Trent Alexander-Arnold played so well last week [against Chelsea], I felt there were issues in that I thought Chelsea caused a lot of problems down the wing.

“It was a fantastic goal he scored but I think defensively he gets criticised, unfairly at times, but I just don’t think he gets the help really from Salah.

“Mo Salah is such an attacking threat going forward, unbelievable as we know.

“But with the midfield three being so narrow, it does leave Trent Alexander a little bit exposed.

“Obviously in that instance [against Chelsea] he tracks back very well but we see here, it’s one switch of play, he’s in there tracking the runner and then look at the winger, he’s in a lot of space.

However, tall former England forward does understand Salah’s side of the story, and justifies his lack of tracking back:

“Listen, Salah gives you so much going forward, you don’t want him to come back and track back.

“The onus is on the midfield three and a lot of the time the midfield three for Liverpool do have to get out and help Trent, because he can get exposed.

“Chelsea’s best chances came from down that side.”

It’s clear that Klopp needs to work on this issue if he’s to win the Premier League this season.

The season started perfectly in the league for Liverpool, as Klopp’s men noted seven wins in seven matches, with Alexander-Arnold playing a huge part in the initial success.