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Crouch takes a funny dig at Everton

Premier League, Peter Crouch, Everton FC, Liverpool FC
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Liverpool took the convincing 5-2 win over Everton last night as the Reds continued their match towards the Premier League title.

The win was pretty easy for Liverpool, even though Salah was left on the bench.

Peter Crouch commented on this, making fun of Everton’s weak team.

He compared the Toffees to Andorra, a symbol for a bad team. Reminiscing on his playing days, Salah’s situation reminded him of his back in the day.

Commenting on Salah being furious about not starting, he said:

“Yeah, I know— when England were playing Andorra I was fuming not being on the pitch,” he said.

Looks like Crouch’s playing days at Liverpool left a good mark on him, and the fans still love the English legend.