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Crouch’s hilarious quote about Messi

peter crouch
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Peter Crouch definitely has a career after football, as his comedic outbursts are commonly published everywhere.

Crouch started his own podcast which gained a lot of tractions.

He talks about his career and football in general, providing a completely honest reflection and analysis.

The big man also likes to joke a lot, and this time was no different. He spoke to Daily Mail about sharing the pitch with Messi.

“There will come a point when I am able to tell my grandchildren that I shared a pitch with Messi,” Crouch said.

“It might only amount to two minutes – 60 seconds, home and away, in a Champions League last-16 tie in 2007 – but it is in the record books.

“I will tell them repeatedly because he is the greatest footballer of all time.”

It’s clear that Crouch knows his football, and football needs more characters like him.