Cruyff’s son says Ronaldo is “an immortal”

The son of the Dutch legend believes the Portuguese player has earned his place in football’s hall of fame, just like his dad.

According to Johan Cruyff’s son, Jordi Cruyff, the work Cristiano Ronaldo has done in the world of football has put him alongside legends like the former Dutch superstar.

“In football, there are so many mortals and very few immortals: I can say that, like my father, Cristiano will always be remembered,” Cruyff was quoted by Goal.

“Along with Messi, without having to say who is the best. Many have had a great year but only they had 15 great ones.”

“The stadium bears his name and the philosophy of play and life is now in the DNA of the club,” Jordi added about the way Ajax is working in the Dutch Eredivisie and the UEFA Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

Ronaldo insists he’s not obsessed with breaking records

Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 700th goal for club and country on Monday, but he was not happy after losing to Ukraine.

“This Ajax plays the football that my father would have loved.”

The former Barcelona and Manchester United footballer believes this new Ajax is phenomenal.

“Young, happy, daring, attacking. In Amsterdam, it never changed. This generation has more talent than others and always controls the ball. It is a pleasure for the eyes to see them play,” he said.

“Juventus? Italian football has changed. Now Italians score and play a lot more. The mirror is Buffon: over the years he has had to use his feet much more.”

“Certainly, at Juve, there is always a good defensive organization but they also know how to create,” he concluded.


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