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Curva Sud leaving a game not great for AC Milan

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As AC Milan suffered yet another defeat in the league, it was surprising to see the club’s most loyal supporters leave in utter disappointment.

The relationship between Curva Sud and AC Milan has always been a great part of the club’s history. This is the section of the stadium that over the years, has pressed on for the club during its most testing times.

These are the voices of the fans that have been heard regularly over the years as well and when the leaders of Curva Sud say something, Milan listens.

The recent decade has not been easy for Milan or the Curva Sud. The fans have never been used to seeing their team struggle against teams they used to beat on a regular basis while AC Milan have never had to fight for scraps in Italy.

Sadly though, that has been the case for quite some time. While one can pick up a lot of things happening in the past to blame for this downturn in fortune, truth of the matter is that things are really getting out of hand at Milan.

The club’s recent 3-1 defeat at the hands of Fiorentina was definitely more frustrating than the one they suffered at the hands of Torino.

This was a game where Milan started off really strongly and could have taken the lead on two separate occasions in the first half. But when Ismael Bennacer chopped down Chiesa to give Pulgar a chance to score from the spot, it became pretty clear to even the most optimistic of supporters that an implosion was about to begin.

While Suso came close to leveling the tie, it was not to be. Despite enjoying a lot of possession, the Rossoneri struggled to make any good use out of it as La Viola chose to sit back and hit the home side on the counter.

When Marco Giampaolo replaced Frank Kessi with Rade Krunic, it was definitely the sort of change that bamboozled fans. The Bosnian’s introduction didn’t really turn the tide or anything. Matteo Musacchio, usually a very calm customer, was sent off for a nasty foul on Frankc Ribery in a moment that perfectly summed up Milan’s fortunes and mindset.

This is clearly not the sort of team that is going to go anywhere far at the moment. And while a lot of pressure would be on the board to sack Marco Giampaolo, it is clear that the club’s problems do not start and finish with a managerial change.

Whether it’s Rino Gattuso or Giampaolo or even Carlo Ancelotti, it is clear that the club has been administratively inconsistent for quite a while.

While Curva Sud should be disappointed to see such displays week in week out, it is the top management that has brought the club to this point where its most important fan base empties the stadium while chanting “this club does not deserve us.”

And while Leao did score a fantastic consolation goal to give something positive to the fans, it is clear that Milan are going to remain in trouble with or without their current coach.