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CWC 2018: The most ungrateful game

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The FIFA Club World Cup guarantees at least two matches for every participant… except for the team that loses the first game

The difficult nature of the FIFA Club World Cup -Seven teams from six different confederations, with some clubs entering the tournament until the Semifinals- sometimes makes the competition a bit unfair.

With the idea to put equal-level teams to play each other before the South American and European champions enter the tournament, FIFA thought of a Playoff match.

And this game is the most unfair of them all.

The Club World Cup guarantees at least two matches to each participant; that way the team doesn’t have to travel for thousands of kilometers just to lose on the first and get back home.

Unless they are playing in the First Round.

New Zealand’s Team Wellington traveled for more than 15,000 kilometers to take part of the tournament, and after being up by three goals, an epic comeback by Emirati club Al Ain made them pack bags earlier.

“We play the Salomon Islands, we play Fiji,” said Wellington’s Angus Kilkolly after his team was defeated by Al Ain.

“Salomon Islands are playing sort of pretty low-quality game.”

“We showed today that we can be at the world stage and we push million dollar teams,” he added.

“We are amateurs, we are pretty proud of that.”

Angus Kilkolly is proud of Team Wellington

#CWC18: Angus Kilkolly from Team Wellington talks about how sad is for his team to have been kicked out of the FIFA Club World Cup so soon.

Posted by Ronaldo.com on Thursday, December 13, 2018