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Damiano Tommasi urges the destruction of “safe havens” for ultras in stadiums

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The Players’ Association president believes the Italian Lega Serie A should stop protecting those fans who want to disrupt the world of football.

There have been many incidents of racism in the Italian Lega Serie A.

And the latest racist abuse was against Internazionale Milan’s Romelu Lukaku, who heard monkey noises from the Cagliari fans more than a week ago.

And according to Players’ Association president Damiano Tommasi, the teams in the competition should stop protecting those type of fans.

“We need courage because people who act this way must be sanctioned,” Tommasi told Radio Rai.

“If there are only a few, they need to be identified and taken out of the stadium. If there are many, then the play has to be halted. The trouble is these insults aren’t just in the stadiums, but on social media and they are spreading.”

“We also really need all elements of the State to work together on the issue of these ‘safe havens’ in the stadiums. Some zones must be more closely monitored because the Inter Curva Nord statement about Lukaku was the proof these safe havens do indeed exist, areas where people think they can do anything,” he added.

“The Icardi case is emblematic of squads now being too big. He was not part of their project, but was only allowed to go out on loan after extending his contract, which seems incredible.”

“Some players who wanted to leave were blocked by their clubs, but it happened the other way round too. We need to find a solution and understand why this is happening more often,” the president concluded.